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We’re located in rural North Canterbury, 30 minutes from the center of Christchurch and just 20 minutes from Christchurch International Airport.

We have four comfortable guest rooms available, in a warm, modern house, set in spacious and private grounds.   You’re able to hide from the troubles of the world and unwind, in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Welcome to Tawse Manor, an alternative accommodation and event venue!

We offer a twist or two as well... how many places give their guests a key to a private adult themed fully air conditioned play space?

We look forward to hearing from you soon

..check out the calendar for more

  • June 25 Devils & Angels

    Feeling a little devilish? Or maybe you’re a sweet innocent angel? Either way, we’re sure you’ll have fun at our Devils and Angels party!

  • July 23 Midwinter Madness

    The days are short, the nights are long, the fire is roaring, the mulled wine is on!

    Come join us for a night of Mid Winter Madness!

  • August 8 Looking Fabulous

    A series of workshops for those who like to "dress". Designed to help you find and improve your look. First time dresser, bedroom only dresser or full time dresser, these workshops will help you reach the next level!

    Tawse Manor is lucky to have "Q" aka MaidKellySoubrette running a series of workshops that will help you be the fabulous femme you long to be!


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