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looking fabulous
Looking Fab

A series of workshops for those who like to "dress". Designed to help you find and improve your look. First time dresser, bedroom only dresser or full time dresser, these workshops will help you reach the next level!

Tawse Manor is lucky to have "Q" aka MaidKellySoubrette running a series of workshops that will help you be the fabulous femme you long to be!

The workshops are divided into three topics, but will naturally bleed between all three.


Choosing your look - selecting an ensemble


Lunch break


Completing the look - makeup and more


Being Fabulous -
posing, moving, being!


dinner break -
BYO meat, BBQ style


a party for CD/TV's and those who love them!

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own makeup and clothes. While it is not necessary to have them, if you have them, bring them!

Send an email to to register!


All three workshops and lunch


For a single workshop


Party only


All three workshops, lunch, BBQ and party

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