Masthead Left
Masthead Right guest facilities

Spa Pool

TV Room with DVD collection

“Alternative” reading Library

Kink play space

Dress up wardrobe

Spacious Grounds




While you are staying here, you can choose to cut yourself off from the world outside. However, we do realize that is not always possible. Therefore, the following information should cover your communication needs.


  • Ask if you wish to have a phone available in your room
  • Calls to mobiles or overseas will be added to your bill

Mobile Coverage

  • Telecom mobile network has good reception
  • Vodafone/2Degrees GSM reception is marginal and cannot be relied upon


  • WiFi ac/a/b/g/n access to a high speed broadband connection is included in the tariff. Please ask us if you wish to use this as it is secured by a password.

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