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January 2010
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Single Tails & more

Single Tails for Hot Scenes

An expertly wielded single tail whip, cracking and popping as the tip breaks the sound barrier, able to slice to the bone - or lick lasciviously over the skin. Testing the limits of skill, trust and perhaps pain, a single tail is regarded by many as an essential tool for creating a sensually hot scene! 

Bring your own single tail if you have one, and there’ll be ones you can borrow as well, so you all get a chance to try.

Full Body Mummification & Genital Torture

In this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of various body mummification techniques. Tightly bound, unable to move, you’ll learn how mummification can be used to enhance and magnify all the sensations, with particular reference to genital play.

Presenter: My Lady

Our presenter has a long history with the North Island BDSM scene, both in Auckland and now in the Bay of Plenty. She runs the highly successful House of Two Homestay and Dungeon, located in Tauranga, as well as operating a top quality BDSM leather play toy making business, Wild Leather.

An accomplished user of single tails in play, she has delivered workshops in the past to local groups in the North Island.  She also enjoys many other aspects of play.

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