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July 2010
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Peter Masters presents three workshops which use as their starting point his two most popular BDSM books - The Control Book and Look Into My Eyes - and his as-yet untitled upcoming book on BDSM relationships.

  • Control of your Partner
  • Relationships - making (good) and breaking (bad)
  • Hypnosis for sex

Control of your partner

One of the fundamental ideas in much of BDSM is that of one person - the dominant - controlling their partner - their submissive. Actually taking control of someone smoothly, using them, and then neatly handing control back when you’re done (if appropriate) is not always easy and the processes involved in short-term and long-term control of another person are not discussed in many BDSM manuals.

In this workshop we’ll be looking at what happens, what makes it go well, and when it can go awry.

  • Prerequisites of control
  • The process of taking control
  • What control do you have?
  • Usefully and productively doing something when you have control
  • How you can unintentionally lose control
  • Handing back control

Relationships - making (good) and breaking (bad)

BDSM is not always famous for long-term relationships and is often seen as consisting of occasional intense encounters between two people with long periods of no BDSM in between. But whether you’re in, or interested in, a long-term relationship or a quick scene at a play party then we’re still talking relationships either way.

The workshop focuses on the relationship side of BDSM rather than on implements and dungeon techniques.

  • BDSM relationships from a vanilla perspective
  • Different types of BDSM relationship
  • Compatibility
  • How can you have a powerful scene at a party with someone you just met?
  • Why have a relationship? Can’t you just treat them like meat?
  • How does 24/7 work?
  • Personal responsibility, maturity, and self-awareness
  • Wants versus needs
  • Bad reasons why people get into BDSM. Some ways to recognise these unfortunate folk
  • Things that break

Hypnosis for sex

Hypnosis is clearly fascinating for a number of kinky folk and some uses of hypnosis in the sexual arena are obvious and easy to perform. However, when you try hypnotising your partner or are hypnotised yourself, sometimes the results aren’t quite as effective or powerful as you expected. The book Look Into My Eyes is about getting started with hypnosis. This workshop is about what happens once you’ve started getting some experience either as the hypnotist or the subject.

  • Why are you hypnotising this person? Or, why do you want to be hypnotised?
  • Different ways of hypnotising your partner
  • When to use post-hypnotic suggestion with your partner awake, and when to keep them in the trance
  • Which sexual activities are good candidates for hypnosis, and which are not so good
  • Recognising how well your partner is responding
  • Problems and solutions


Peter Masters was born in Sydney in 1958 and is not dead yet. He first discovered an interest in controlling fine females in his early teens. For reasons probably related to ads on the back pages of comic books of the time his first interest in this area took the form of hypnosis. This was for the totally venal reason of getting laid. It was, however, a surprise that so many women would allow themselves to be hypnotised when the consequences to their nether regions seemed quite obvious.

This interest in hypnosis and sex led eventually, some 30 or so years later, to the book Look Into My Eyes, a handbook for using hypnosis to make sex very interesting based on his experience with many partners, and trances too numerous to even guess at.

Subsequently he learned that many women - even some casual acquaintances and professional colleagues - seem to respond quite well to an authoritative stance and many were attracted to this.

Thus his entry into the world of BDSM was through dominance and submission and this remains his main passion. Knots and floggers were never a great interest, but if getting close to a naked woman required either then he was always desperate enough prepared to make the effort.

The exploration of authority, power and control aspects of dominance and submission with partners, friends and others led to a second book, The Control Book, which is about taking, giving, building, reinforcing, relinquishing and losing control of someone.

Peter has run discussion groups on dominance and submission, given workshops and presentations on BDSM and BDSM-related topics over the years and, of course, writes the occasional book on BDSM. Currently he is finishing a new book on BDSM relationships. He finds writing a book to be a long process involving lots of rewrites and he’s looking forward to a rest when this new one is done.

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