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March 2010
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How cold should my speculum be?

Medical play 201

Attendees will let our presenter know which medical procedures (e.g. enemas, catheters, internal examinations, etc) are of particular interest to them to explore, and our extremely knowledgeable presenter will assist you in carrying them out!  

NB: Attendees will need to advise this at least a week prior to the workshop weekend for this to be possible with any special items needing purchased, etc.

Medical knowledge for the BDSM community 301

The aim is to provide a tool kit of knowledge for play In general and medical play in particular. No attempt will be made to create or describe set piece scenarios - rather to provide the knowledge to expand the horizons of individuals while maintaining safety.

Topics covered:

  • Physical anatomy of the male & female
  • Neuroanatomy (the wiring diagram of your submissive) and why it is important for play
  • Medical equipment
  • Dermatology 101 or cutting / scarification explained
  • Infections and Play emergencies

Your Presenter

Kru is a health worker who has been in the health industry for 20 years and the BDSM scene in NZ for 10 years. He presented at the first Southern Exposure conference in November, 2006. The fascination is with using better knowledge of humanity to achieve more intense play, yet with an emphasis on safety.

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