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May 2011
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Deep Impact
Advanced Impact Play

Presented by Phury

Tawse Manor resumes their renowned series of Intensive Education workshop weekends May 28, with a topic sure to push the boundaries, even for the most experienced kinksters. 

Our presenter brings many years of experience, from both the bottom and more recently the Top, of the sorts of scenes that many would see as stepping well over the edge.

Advanced impact techniques will be demonstrated, with canes, whips and the dreaded Sjambok.  Originating from our presenters birthplace of South Africa, this last weapon, originally made from rolled hippopotamus hide, delivers powerful and effective strikes that leave bruises that can take many weeks to fade.  Phury will discuss the techniques and risks associated with using all of these effectively, exploring the mind spaces that open up for those who enjoy the cathartic scenes that result.

About your presenter

Phury comes to us from South Africa and has an unrivaled depth of experience and knowledge in his topic.  He has a past career in law enforcement in one of the planets toughest jurisdictions, has lived as a 24/7 slave to his long term partner, lover, torturer and current Top, Phury is now exploring his own inner Top.

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