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March 2013
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Messing with the Mind

Presented by MrTaqtiks
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Mr Taqtiks is a certified consulting hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists ( and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology (along with a Master's Degree in Homeland Security). He has 2 and a half years of experience with hypnosis.

While developing tools to help people with therapeutic issues (phobias, focus, weight loss, pain management) also discovered a world of kink applications.  He comes to us to give a class on hypnosis, how it works and some of it's kinkier applications

Participants are wanted and needed to help support this event.  Participation will require early attendance.

Please note: Mr Taqtiks is not a therapist, psychologist or counselor. His hypnosis sessions are not designed or intended for the purposes of conducting therapy.  Also, he is not a stage hypnotist and this is will not be presenting a 'show'. 

Intimate Interrogations

Mr Taqtiks applied his military training and lifestyle interests to develop a seminar on one of his favorite topics.

Interrogation is a form of role-play where the Top has some piece of information that he or she is trying to extract from the Bottom/Subject/Victim.

Intimate Interrogation gives a unique opportunity to take on roles that may be beyond the usual safety net of erotic exchange. It also allows a mix of various tools and aspects of BDSM into a single scene for a heightened experience.

This is not a class on "military interrogations" as much as a guide on how to engage in this type of play from a lifestyle perspective... safely.

Are you ready for a walk on the wild side? ARE YOU?


About your presenter

Mr Taqtiks' (pronounced Tac-tics) name was drawn from his love of strategy and is drawn from both his military life and love of tactical games. He has been a active member of the lifestyle community for ten years and has practiced privately for double that time. After spending 20+ years in the Marines he settled back to Northern Virginia to be close to his DC roots.

His lifestyle interests range from tickling, to rope, to roleplay to interrogation. He considers himself a student of life with a desire for self-growth and exploration. He's a tournament chessplayer, an entrepreneur, and has presented previously at BlackBEAT (Virginia, US) and CLOAK (North Carolina, US) and is thrilled to have been invited to Tawse Manor.

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