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November 2010
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Satomi’s Medical Suite

Medical play is deeply intriguing for some - scary as hell for others.

Satomi offers to take you on a voyage of discovery, exploring different types of play. They are all "clinical" in nature - delving between the legs, and for some, underneath the skin. This is definitely edge play.

Satomi has a strong medical background, as well as being involved in numerous body mods. She uses these techniques in her pro-domme work on an incredibly frequent basis.

Whether your interest is in learning "how to" or merely deeply interested in observing these skills in practice, we are sure you will walk away having had an incredible experience.

This Intensive will not appeal to all, but will definitely appeal to some.


Workshop content includes:-

  • play piercing
  • play cutting
  • catheters and sounds
  • enema play
  • suturing

This includes "how-to" demos, as well as safety, hygiene and tips on how to include these medical skills as part of your play.

Tawse Manor is the setting for Satomi's fascinating workshops. With its own medically themed adult play space, it provides the ideal environment to learn new skills and enhance those you already have.

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