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October 2009
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Head Mummification

Learn a safe way to completely mummify the head to intensify your mummification scenes and take your subs to the extreme of sensory deprivation.

Tit Torture Play

This workshop covers a wide range of topics such as licking, sucking, rubbing, pinching, slapping, punching, clamping, pegging, weighting and suction.

Presenter:- Master Jock

Our presenter Jock Scott brings a wealth of experience to his subjects, both here and in the UK. He presented two very popular workshops, on Arse Play and Negotiation, at Southern Exposure 2008.

About Master Jock

Jock has been involved in BDSM since the mid 90s. He is a Leather Master who enjoys assisting subs/slaves to find, and stretch, their boundaries.

His main interest is consensual sexual domination.  He enjoys controlling the minds and bodies of his partners for mutual satisfaction.

The key elements in his scenes are sensory stimulation and deprivation emphasizing the impact of contrasting and opposing sensations.

Jock joined GMFA (Gay Men Fighting AIDS) in 2000.  He initially facilitated their Bondage for Beginners and SM for Beginners programmes; four day programmes covering a wide range of topics from bondage to electro play, nipple play to fisting with particular emphasis on scene negotiation and personal safety.


In 2003 he became involved in their most successful programme, the Arse Class.  This programme explained how the arse works and techniques around safe, comfortable and enjoyable arseplay.

Jock lived in London until December 2004 when he moved to New Zealand.

Jock has presented at Southern Exposure, as well as The Gathering in Sydney in 2010.

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