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Here at Tawse Manor we know the value and importance of education. There is a seemingly infinite range of things that we can learn, and no one lifetime can ever be enough to learn it all.

While we make no claims to know it all, we certainly have a breadth and depth of skills that we are more than happy to share with our guests. We have presented quite a number of formal workshops and can pass on our knowledge in one on one and small group situations.

We offer this education in a ‘hands on’ manner, in our play space. Simple basics of use of the equipment provided is included in your room rate. More in-depth education is typically charged at $100 per hour. We can cover a range of topics of your choosing in any one session.

Topics covered:-

  • basic rope skills
  • erotic spanking
  • flogging skills
  • electrical play (TENS, violet wand)
  • needles play-piercing
  • CBT (cock and ball torture)
  • erotic caning
  • paddles and crops
  • erotic sounding
  • establishing a D/s scene
  • cross dressing
  • single tail
  • wax play
  • high protocol dining
  • dominance using your voice
  • perverting every day objects for pleasure
  • sensory deprivation
  • vacuum cupping
  • Hitachi Magic Wand skills
  • branding
  • saline infusion
  • ... and much more!

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