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Masthead Right Phoenix: Blood & Energy
5/6 October 2013


Phoenix identifies as a Two-Spirit Native (Cree First Nations/Scots), Gender Queer, Top, Sir, and Daddy.

Phoenix’s “official” entrance into the Seattle BDSM community was by joining the local SM Dyke club, Outer Limits in 1985. From there Phoenix quickly went on to become a coordinator in that organization until it closed in the mid-90's.

Phoenix is the co-founder/producer of the well-known and highly-regarded Wicked Womyn SM conference in Seattle. Phoenix also served as a coordinator for PowerSurge Conferences in the 1990’s as well.

Phoenix has taught many workshops across the USA, Europe, and Canada for over 20 years on master’s level health and safety, play piercing, artistic cutting, suturing, fire play, blood drawing, flogging, and Japanese rope harness. Phoenix has also produced a video “On The Cutting Edge” that was accepted for the highly respected Seattle Erotic Arts Festival. Phoenix also loves “hooks” and has facilitated many energy pulls and suspensions. Phoenix has many interests, but motorcycle riding and service bois are some favorites.

Some of the events Phoenix has served include Women at Leather Pride - Amsterdam, Schmacht! - Berlin, SM Dykes - Manchester England, Reykjavik BDSM-Iceland, Black Beat – Baltimore, Fetfest – Baltimore, Dark Odyssey – Baltimore, Lesbian Sex Mafia - New York, Thunder In The Mountains - Denver, Southwest Leather Conference – Phoenix, International Ms Leather – San Francisco, Floating World – New Jersey, TES Education Series - NYC, Kinkfest – Portland OR, Pacific Friction – Portland OR, Beyond Leather – Ft. Lauderdale, Canadian Mayhem – Vancouver Canada, Northern Exposure – Anchorage, Southern Bash – Atlanta, South Plains Leatherfest & International Master/slave Weekend – Dallas, Women In Leather International – Dallas, New England Leather Alliance, Brimstone-NJ, The Society - Connecticut, EvoRevo - Albuquerque, and in Seattle: Wicked Womyn, PowerSurge, Seattle Women of Leather, Center for Sex Positive Culture (the Wetspot), C-Space, Kinky Carnival, and the Blood Faire.


Getting Under Their Skin

Needles, staples and sutures, oh my!

So many ways to get under someone's skin. Go to any kink event and you will probably find a Piercing 101 class. You clean the skin like this, you put the needle in like that, hey neat... now what?  Let's explore some of the surprising, scary and just plain mean things you can do with sharp pointy things. If you have a favorite implement/activity that you would like to share with the class, then please feel free to bring those implements. This class assumes prior mastery of basic safety and piercing skills. Advanced piercing is a risk aware activity. Discussion and live demonstration. There will be blood.

Phoenix will also be demonstrating phlebotomy (blood draws) and labial saline infusion.

This is a whole day workshop, from 10 am until around 4 pm, with a break for lunch.

Note: Surgical staplers and staple removers will be available for sale at $30 for a stapler, $15 for removers.

Bonus Workshop:Beginning Fireplay

This workshop is designed to instruct you on entry level basics of using a torch for fire play. You will learn to make your own torch, what materials to use, how to use them, and safety related issues about fire play. You will also have the opportunity to feel the flame on your skin, or try it on someone else.


Energy Pull

An energy pull can be many things; ceremonial, spiritual, cathartic, transformational, and energizing. An energy pull is not a top/bottom activity, nor is it a macho/ego/pain/
power trip. It is a body ritual that, depending upon your intent, can help you to release or to connect to your spiritual or cultural beliefs. It is up to the individual participant to allow and follow their own connection. The pull will allow your personal energy to open so the connections/visions/
teachings that you receive during your “dance” are yours alone.

Phoenix welcomes all participants to join in this ritual energy pull either as a supporter, witness, or puller. Each has an important active role, therefore supporters and witnesses are requested to bring their energy into the circle by bringing a drum, sticks, or other instruments to share. There will be an opening circle to share info about the Energy Pull.

Phoenix has participated in this type of ceremony for over 23 years and will be on hand to answer any questions ahead of time as well. Pullers should bring a support person with them if needed for aftercare. An altar will be available to place your personal ceremonial objects. Participants will be pierced on the upper chest or back and connected to either a center ring with others, with a partner(s), against a fixed object, or by themselves.

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