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Masthead Right play space rules

Our guests need to understand and accept the following rules:-

  • No smoking indoors - either the house or the play space. Outside and under cover smoking areas are provided
  • Adult space is 18+ - ID may be requested, be flattered if we ask!
  • Some of the play space equipment is only available to those who know how to use it - we will provide guidance if required, but if we doubt your abilities to use it safely, it will not be available
  • While alcohol consumption is OK, intoxicated and unsafe play is not!  We reserve the right to withhold the key to the play space to anyone we feel is not in a safe state to use it.
  • No alcohol or drugs are allowed in the play space
  • The play space has no ‘wet’ area - use the guest bathroom for this sort of thing, it has large walk in shower
  • Respect other house guests who may also share the play space - note that shared use of the space will have been prearranged when you book, it is normally exclusive for your use
  • Wipes for equipment are provided and must be used
  • All used items need to be placed in the containers provided for cleaning
  • We understand accidents happen. If you damage something, let us know, so we can arrange for it to be repaired. There may be a charge for breakages, at our discretion.


Tawse Manor provides a safe space and an opportunity for you to use it. Any injuries you cause to yourselves while using the space or equipment provided are your responsibility. If you are unsure how something should be used safely, ask, or don’t use it!

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