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14/15 September 2013
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Rope With Obi and Trixx


Originally from Christchurch, Obi and Trixx have been playing, performing and teaching rope together for over three years. They have performed together at events including Christchurch's Fetish Ball, and Sydney's Chamber. They have a passion for the Japanese style of rope bondage. In 2011 they made their first trip to Tokyo, and Obi became a student of Osada Ryu. They hope to return to Japan to further their study in the future.

What to Bring

The classes all focus on the Japanese style of rope bondage, which is typically done with 6mm thick jute or hemp rope in lengths of around 8m. Cotton rope is an okay substitue if you don't have jute or hemp rope. You will only need 3-4 pieces of rope for all the classes.

You'll need to bring somebody to tie, someone that you don't mind getting close to (and doesn't mind you getting close to them), especially for the rope connections class.  Failing that, we will match people up on the day, so singles won’t miss out.

Comfortable, fitting clothing is ideal for those being tied. Yoga or gym pants, and a singlet top or t-shirt are suitable. Other good things to bring are a water bottle, and a blanket or warm top for in between times.

Building Block Bondage: Saturday Morning

Rope bondage can seem daunting at first, but you really only need a few simple techniques which can be combined to create beautiful, fun and sexy ties. Rather than learning specific, hard to remember patterns, this class will give you the skills to develop your own bondage. Focusing on the Japanese style of rope bondage, you don't need any prior knowledge of rope bondage or knot tying for this class. Starting with a simple cuff, and working towards full body bondage, each technique in the class builds on from the last.

Rope Connections: Saturday Afternoon

Rope bondage is more than just tying pretty patterns, it is a way to create a connection with your partner. How you tie is just, if not more, important than what you tie. Rope can be sensual, erotic, rough, or sadistic and everything in between. This class looks at how rope can be used to create different sensations, and how to create a scene beyond just tying somebody up. Focusing on creating a connection with your partner, rather than on tying skills, this class is aimed at all skill levels.

Creativity in Rope: Sunday Mid-morning

Picking up where the building block bondage class left off, this class will take some simple rope bondage forms and look at how they can be changed and extended in creative ways. This class introduces a few of the classic Japanese rope bondage patterns, and looks at how to extend, and put your own inspiration into them. Learn how to adapt ties to work best for you and your partner, and gain ideas for creating your own ties from scratch.

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