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  • Shibari for Beginners
  • Intermediate Shibari
    chest harnesses and partial suspension

Medical Play - enemas, catheters and sounds

The Art of Feminine Dominance

Satomi, the Tokyo Love Doll, is without doubt the sexiest, most successful and graceful woman in rope.

Described as the Audrey Hepburn of Kink, this traditionally trained ballerina with a nasty side decided at an early age to throw herself into the Japanese world of fetish. Possibly the first western woman to earn the title of nawashi, she indentured herself to one of Japan's best kinbaku teachers to learn the hentai arts of rope.

From there, she has taken shibari performance across the world, and performed at countless avante garde art and fetish events.

But she never loses sight of her roots. Returning to her home in Osaka for six months a year, she entertains herself by being the most highly sort after gaijin femme dommes in Japan. we have sat in a room that she has walked into, and felt the hush fall over it as she commands it with her presence.

Sexy, stylish, powerful, nasty, hot and as elegant as all fuck. don’t believe us? see for yourself!

It has been over two years since she last came to New Zealand, and people still talk about it. Rope aficionados travel worldwide to japan to study with her. There is a reason why that is so.

We are privileged to have her working with us again.

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