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Footsteps herald her entrance. That determined click of stiletto heel echoes around you. Eyes downcast, your senses are overwhelmed by the sense of her. Even before you see her, you feel her presence. Her dominance. And it excites you like nothing else...

If you read this and it excites you, because you want to be her, then this class is for you.

The power of a femme domme is something that is inside. Not defined by traditional senses of beauty, not limited to the physical. But if it is there, this class will help it blossom.

Satomi, one of the world's most elegant high femme dommes, captivates a room simply by walking into it. And she does it effortlessly. She has created a class for us that helped define the undefinable - what creates that power.

Of course, every one is different. That's the wonderful thing. And there definitely is no formula. But there are techniques you can learn, ways to get you thinking and help you define your own style.

How do you take possession of the space around you? Do the ways you walk, your mannerisms, your tone of voice make a tangible difference? Learn how some of the simple things you do create drama and deliciously increase the tension.


Learn how to overwhelm their senses and own their space and be true to yourself in the process.

Whether you re just starting out, or you want to refine your style, this world premier class will help you add that certain something to your domme self.

Female gender orientated attendees only.

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