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Medical play is deeply intriguing for some - scary as hell for others.

Satomi, the exquisitely beautiful and delightfully nasty femme from Japan offers to take you on a voyage of discovery, exploring different types of medical play.

This workshop is "clinical" in nature - delving between the legs. This is definitely edge play.

Satomi has a strong medical background, using these techniques in her pro-domme work on an incredibly frequent basis. This is a rare opportunity to see those skills out in the open.

Whether your interest is in learning "how to" or merely deeply interested in observing these skills in practice, we are sure you will walk away having had an incredible experience.

If you are into medical play then this course is unique in New Zealand, and definitely definitely hot! It will not appeal to all, but if you dare...

Taking control (or having control taken) of our most basic body functions can be extreme and hot! This workshop takes you on a journey “down below”€¯, where catheters, enemas, and sounds all have their “rightful place€”.

Catheterized people have no control over their urinary function - if you want them to, they must. If you won’t let them, they can’t. That power is in your hands.


Similarly, pumping fluids into the bowels pushes some people to the limit - taxing their self control - and can be used as punishment, stimulation, or “clearing the way” for anal sex.

Stretching the urethra with sounds can challenge and thrill - and potentially be electrifying, depending on what toy you use. Plain, straight, curved, vibrating or electrical - insert these rods and watch their eyes roll back.

It’s all about the control - and that mystical, clinical world of medical play.

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