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We have very limited places available at our parties for single males, typically only 3 or 4 max per party. This is so that we have a good balance of couples to singles. We do get a few single females also wanting to attend, but in far fewer numbers than single males, so we normally have open entry for single females.

As we have a large number of requests from single males, we can afford to be very choosy about who we allow to attend the parties. We already have a pool of regular single males, so typically we have very few slots for potential new single males to join in at any given party. When we get a particularly large party (say 60 plus people attending) we may allow an additional slot, especially when we have a good number of single females already registered for that party.

To be considered for single male party attendance we need to meet with you first, and see if we feel you are suitable. An alternative would be if a couple already known to us wished to bring you along as a guest. In that case, you’d be expected to arrive with them, and leave when they leave.

If you’d like to come and meet with us, we are located in Swannanoa, around 14kms from SH1, taking Tram Rd towards Oxford. An exact address will be given once you make a time to meet us. We are here during the day and also early evening most days, so pick a day and time(s) that suit you and let us know.

Once you have been approved, there would still need to be a slot available.

Remember, single male attendance is a privilege, not a right, and you are expected to be respectful at all times.

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