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Tawse Manor is also our home and a home stay - treat it as you would your own home, or better.

Your hosts are here to make sure you have a great night - any questions or issues come and see us!

General housekeeping

  • cans of coke and lemonade, as well as fruit juice in the fridge are provided - other items in the fridge belong to other party goers
  • valuables, coats, handbags, keys etc are left at your own risk
  • used condoms and tissues go in the bins provided
  • empty bottles and cans go in the recycle wheelie bin on the deck
  • used towels and robes go in the hamper in the bathroom
  • no glass in the spa - use plastic or cans
  • accidents happen - if you spill something or break something, let the hosts know asap
  • “squirters” please use a towel


Swing etiquette

  • be courteous
  • be friendly
  • be prepared
  • be clean & tidy
  • respect others feelings
  • don’t be pushy
  • work out and discuss your limits and boundaries before you arrive
  • do only what is fun for you
  • say no if you’re not comfortable
  • accept that no really means no
  • if you and your partner have issues, leave them at home
  • drunk or drugged people are no fun and rarely get any action
  • enjoy yourselves

Single Males

  • be prepared to meet your hosts before you’re allowed to attend
  • must register, and be pre-approved
  • come with a couple, leave with that couple
  • register early or miss out
  • ask before joining in
  • no means no!

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